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The Full Moon Party

Do you like the moon? Do you like to paint your face in neon? If so, then we’ve got the perfect event for you slightly odd (but very lovely!) party people. We are having a Thai style Full Moon Party at Revolution in Liverpool on Friday 19th November. Obviously November is the best time of year to dress up in your beachwear, but on the plus side it’ll be easy for you to flag down a cab on the way home as no one else will wearing bermuda shorts! This will be the first time one of Thailand’s biggest parties will come to Liverpool and it is all for a good cause. There will also be a prize draw taking place on the night presented by Radio City DJ Simon Greening with some great prizes to be won. For wristband tickets please email  So please get involved to help us reach our first fundraising target and Buy A Man A Boat!! If you would like any further information just comment here.

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Songs To Run To

So training is going relatively well. I got myself a treadmill off ebay when my training for The Edinburgh Marathon was going pear shaped so I have finally got it out of my mum and dad’s garage to help with my training when the weather is bad. It’s even set up right next to my computer so there really is no excuse now.

Last night while I was running I put my Itunes library on shuffle which meant I was running to a right mish-mash of tracks. This got my thinking about the best tracks to run to. So I thought I better ask you: What are the best songs to run to? All the songs you recommend I will put on my Ipod for the big day.