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Race Numbers!

Our race numbers have arrived so you can watch out for us next week… only a 8 days to go EEEEKKK!!

Race number

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Songs To Run To

So training is going relatively well. I got myself a treadmill off ebay when my training for The Edinburgh Marathon was going pear shaped so I have finally got it out of my mum and dad’s garage to help with my training when the weather is bad. It’s even set up right next to my computer so there really is no excuse now.

Last night while I was running I put my Itunes library on shuffle which meant I was running to a right mish-mash of tracks. This got my thinking about the best tracks to run to. So I thought I better ask you: What are the best songs to run to? All the songs you recommend I will put on my Ipod for the big day.

Run Forest Run!

Amy and I are training for this year’s Birmingham Half Marathon to raise money for BAMAB. The race is on Sunday 11th October which isn’t long away so we got ourselves into gear and on Saturday went for our first proper training run around Liverpool’s Sefton Park. We ran for an hour and I even got chased by a dog, not a good start and I was exhausted. Although I have ran a marathon before it was well over a year ago for a bet and I promised myself I would never do anything like it EVER again…. anyway, just for BAMAB here I am running again and this time it is JUST OVER 13 miles. This time I’m running with Amy (who is a proper gym bunny ) so I am going to have to put some work in if I want to get fit in time and not embarrass myself. My treadmill is going to be coming out of my mum and dads garage at the weekend where it has been since I trained for the marathon. Hopefully, that should help. Will keep you all posted with how we are getting on. In the mean time please support us and sponsor whatever you can by pressing the Donate button.



The trainers I hope will take me the 13.1miles


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