I just wanted to let you know we did it! We bought a man a boat!



We managed to raise £1410.00 and couldn’t have done it without your help! The last bit of money was raised through auctioning off the unclaimed draw prizes, some generous donations and selling cakes.

The boat was bought on 26th December 2010, 6 years after An lost his boat in the Tsunami. The boat is 2nd hand and around 4 years old but a great boat. It was bought on Koh Phi Phi in the south of Thailand from a boat owner who wanted to return to his hometown near Malaysia to work instead. An managed to help us barter a good deal for a quick sale at the bargain price of 60000 baht. We were taken to a house on the seafront where the room was open to the sea on one side and sat around the table with An, the owner and a village elder as we signed the paperwork.

An, who has been unable to work for the last 3 months due to his surviving boat Fortune being damaged in storms could not speak except to say “Thank You So Much!”

Now 2011 looks bright for him as he works hard taking people on boat and snorkeling trips around the island allowing him to support himself and his daughters for the future.  Read more about An here

Thank You so much to everyone who has helped us Buy A Man A Boat! Buy A Man A Boat aims to support individuals who need a small investment that will allow them to go on and do something that will support themselves and their families. Please come back here soon to see the next individual Buy A Man A Boat will be supporting.