AmyandClaireThe founders of Buy A Man A Boat are girls-about-town and all round good eggs Claire & Amy Burgess.  The twins (of which Claire is the older one by 6 minutes) were born when Dynasty and Miami Vice were on the TV and Pete Burns was top of the charts and wasn’t generally nasty to people on reality TV.

Growing up in leafy Cheshire they developed a passion for all sorts of unspeakable horrors including Take That, Liverpool FC and bizarre hairbands but on a trip during a year out in 2004 they fell in love with something much nicer – Thailand.  Their love of the landscape, the culture, the people and the food has proved infectious with many of their friends becoming increasingly fasciniated by the country themselves (as the twins talk about it almost non-stop!) and Amy & Claire making a point of talking enthusiastically to any Thai people they see on the streets of Worcester & Liverpool where they now live.

Claire ran the Edinburgh marathon in 2008 (a result of a dunken bet!) and decided to do it to raise money for the SET Foundation to allow poor Thai families who couldn’t otherwise afford to send their children to school to do so.  In spite of the physical and mental exhaustion, Claire decided to run the Birmingham half-marathon to raise money for An (see the home page) and set up Buy a Man a Boat but this time she convinced gym-obsessive Amy to run it as well.  With the girls heading back to Thailand in December 2010, they want to have raised enough money buy to be able to give it to An personally in order for him to buy his boat and begin the next BAMAB challenge.

That is where they need your help, so please be as generous as you can and remember…

A twin is for life, not just for 13.1 miles.

Thank you!