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The Liverpool Santa Dash 2009

It has been decided! The next challenge will be The Liverpool Santa Dash 2009 on the 6th December. We will be running 5K dressed up as Santa alongside around 7000 others.

To give you an idea of what the day will be like take a look at this video from last year’s dash:

All we are asking is that you donate £1 (or whatever you can) to support us! Just hit the donate button or do it the old fashioned way…we don’t mind! You can even sign up to join our team and do The Santa Dash with us here We are getting closer to our target every day and so this would really help us get closer to being able to Buy A Man A Boat. If your in Liverpool please come out and cheer us on. Ho Ho Ho!

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We did it!!!!!!

At 12miles

Well we did it. We compleated the first challenge The Birmingham Half Marathon 2009 in 2hrs 38minutes. That’s a whole 2minutes ahead of our expected time.

We took a small support crew of one sister, one niece and one boyfriend. You can see their tweets from the day at the @djmikepeters twitter feed.

The race took a while to get going so we didn’t cross the start line until around 10.20am. It then took a bit of time for us to pick up the pace as there were a lot of runners all crammed in quite narrow streets. 5 to 10K was the easiest bit of the race through Cannon Hill Park. Maybe that’s because we were running with some leprechauns.

As we passed the people on the first mile someone shouted “Come on Claire, come on Amy” I looked at the girl who said it and thought “I don’t know you.” Then I realised I had my name in big capital letters on the front of my vest. Thank God we had done that because people chearing our names really kept us going. Thank you to anyone who stood outside and cheered us as we ran passed you were all so nice. People even gave us jelly babies to help us going.

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who sponsored us you are very lovely people. Keep an eye on the totaliser to find out how much we have raised. Hopefully soon we will be able to Buy A Man A Boat. Right, I’m tired now and have very sore feet so night night X

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1 Day to go!

I can’t believe the time is nearly here. This time tomorrow we will already be running. I hope we make it round. You can see the route here. Watch out for us and come down and chear us on if your in Birmingham. Also if any of you are listening to BRMB tomorrow listen out for me. A lovely lady from the news came to interview me about BAMAB.

Check out the lovely shirts we will be wearing tomorrow



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Race Numbers!

Our race numbers have arrived so you can watch out for us next week… only a 8 days to go EEEEKKK!!

Race number

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Gym Time

So training is well and truly underway and as Claire puts it I am a bit of a ‘Gym Bunny’ or rather I don’t mind going to the gym and find it quite therapeutic and funny.

My gym of choice at the moment is the famous Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. The Adelphi was made famous in 1997 when it was the subject of a BBC docu-soap called Hotel. The 8 part series documented the various goings on in the hotel which included an indoor barbecue which smoked out the banqueting hall to verbal abuse between the Chef and Deputy Manager Brian which produced the famous catch phrase; “ Just Cook Will Yer“  I still think of this phrase now everytime I go even though I was only young when the show was aired. Apparently this show got 11 million viewers and caused an increase in bookings at the hotel. I also recently found out that the Sefton Suite is an exact replica of the smoking room aboard the Titanic. So as you can see there is a lot to think about when you go to the gym!!

A picture of the Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

A picture of the Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

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Run Forest Run!

Amy and I are training for this year’s Birmingham Half Marathon to raise money for BAMAB. The race is on Sunday 11th October which isn’t long away so we got ourselves into gear and on Saturday went for our first proper training run around Liverpool’s Sefton Park. We ran for an hour and I even got chased by a dog, not a good start and I was exhausted. Although I have ran a marathon before it was well over a year ago for a bet and I promised myself I would never do anything like it EVER again…. anyway, just for BAMAB here I am running again and this time it is JUST OVER 13 miles. This time I’m running with Amy (who is a proper gym bunny ) so I am going to have to put some work in if I want to get fit in time and not embarrass myself. My treadmill is going to be coming out of my mum and dads garage at the weekend where it has been since I trained for the marathon. Hopefully, that should help. Will keep you all posted with how we are getting on. In the mean time please support us and sponsor whatever you can by pressing the Donate button.



The trainers I hope will take me the 13.1miles


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